Digital Immersive Science

Presenting our research results at national and international conferences 

We already presented our results on AR, VR and retailing at international conferences around the world. 


EMAC 2017 in Groningen, Niederlande - AMA Summer 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts - JPIM 2019 in Orlanda, Florida - AMA Winter 2020 in San Diego, Kalifornien - GWPs 2020 in Stuttgart, Deutschland

Recognition of practical value by retailers

We not only strive to advance marketing research, but also to generate added value for retailers. This added value has been recognised by two awards from the retail sector. 

IHK Award 2017, German Retail Award 2018 of the EHI Foundation

Publications with other researchers

Many smart people have many smart ideas. That's why it is meaningful for us to work together with other enthusiasts and to implement projects together. 


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