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Digital Immersive Science presents the latest findings of research and practice in a way that can be understood and accessed by everyone. Technological developments should not fuel uncertainties, instead they should provide solutions. However, recognizing a new technology as a solution is not always easy. We summarize scientific articles and studies, show use cases and practical experiences and complement them with our own qualitative and quantitative analyses.  

Our objective is to provide an easy start in AR/VR and to improve the experience. To achieve this, we encourage the exchange between the world of business people and scientists and establish transparency. 

About the people

We met each other while working on our doctoral thesis at the Chair of Marketing University of Mainz. Since 2016 we do research together in the areas of AR, VR and retailing. Our focus has been to provide new scientific insights based on our research findings. We soon noticed that the results were not only interesting for research but also got attention from managers for practical applications. While we were doing research on potentials and improvements of these digital tools, many interested parties were first faced with the challenge of finding out where the benefits for their own business are and how the tools can be incorporated at all. Based on this need, we decided to provide Insights about AR, VR and retailing in a way that can be understood by everyone. 

Us - That's Mara Ortner and Sandra Wolnitz.


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